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The Art of Flexible Presentations

To achieve Audience Intelligent, Effective Communication for Presentations & Meetings

Customized programs for peer leaders, managers and/or for teams:

Common clients’ requests
All our clients want to deliver audience-centred presentations and communicate effectively during meetings, thus achieve greater impact, while getting buy-in from different stakeholders. Most of the time, they come to us because they want the following:

For Presentations
• Break the vicious circle of last-minute preparation
• Create powerful content and slides with a clear storyline
• Improve the clarity and impact of their presentations
• Overcome stage fright and speak with confidence
• Connect with their listeners and be more perceptive of expectations
• Learn to deal, there and then, with unexpected audience’ needs
• Feel authentic and natural

For Meetings
• Waste less time and have effective and fruitful communication during meetings
• Develop emotional intelligent facilitation competencies
• Be more natural and spontaneous
• Create rapport with their listeners
• Be able to facilitate, resolve, engage and inspire

Frameworks, Models and supporting tools
The communication coaching program that we create for you is based on Method PREPARED®, Dorotea Brandin’s methodology, internationally used since 2008. The methodology is an all-round framework of eight steps which helps you to prepare the congruence between Mind, Heart and Body/Behaviour and the focus on the two-way dynamic of communication. It prepares the participants to design and deliver interactive and flexible presentations where they are able to respond on the go to unexpected audience ‘needs. It is designed to concurrently reinforce and enhance the participants’ overall effective communication skills.

Results and Benefits
• Audience Intelligent two-way, effective Communication
• Stronger observation and listening skills
• Clear, authentic and consistent thread of messages
• Communication impact, true connection and spontaneity
• Capacity to deliver with flexibility while holding the Key message and the story line
• Communication mastery of responding in the now to the listeners’ changing needs
• EQ facilitation competencies

Lausanne, Switzerland

 Method PREPARED ®
Dorotea Brandin©2008 to date

Lausanne, Switzerland

Dorotea Brandin © 2008 to date