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Virtual Leadership Competencies

Inspirational and EQ Virtual Leadership Competencies for Leaders and Managers

Common clients’ requests
All our clients want to reinforce competencies and behaviours needed for inspirational, engaging and effective virtual leadership.

Most of the time, they come to us because they want the following:
• Facilitate effective, interactive and engaging virtual meetings
• Help team members to build trusted digital work relationships
• Overcome the difficulties to inspire, lead and manage at distance
• Master the complexity and logistics of remote team communication
• Minimize the constant risk of misunderstandings
• Strengthen their Cultural Intelligence

The program that we create for you is based on the VIRTUAL™ framework. According to your requests, we design the program for you. Most programs comprise 3-9 workshops for a total of 3 modules. Each module can be taken separately. Typically, the full virtual program spreads over several months.

Each program can effectively support one individual leader or a group of peer managers without their teams. Once designed, programs can be scaled to support multiple groups of peer leaders and even those working in matrix configurations. (For programs of virtual leaders with their teams, refer to the program section called Virtual Team Collaboration)

Results and Benefits
• Renewed capability to inspire others and build sustainable virtual teams’ spirit
• Deeper understanding of leadership/management role within different teams
• Enhanced Cultural Calibration Competence
• Emotional intelligent virtual communication
• Increased virtual Leadership Presence and competencies

Lausanne, Switzerland

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Lausanne, Switzerland

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