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Virtual Team Collaboration

Effective and Engaged Virtual Team Collaboration

Common clients’ requests
All the virtual teams that come to us want to create, rebuild and/or maintain a strong virtual team spirit. They want to improve the effectiveness of their collaboration to do their job on-time and on-budget. Most of team members request for the following:
• Feel at ease in the complexity and logistics of remote team communication
• Be clear on vision, purpose and direction as well as individual contribution
• Contribute equally during virtual meetings
• Be given the opportunity to build trust with their remote colleagues
• Be able to ask or give support to each other
• Minimize the constant risk of misunderstandings
• Get help to resolve misunderstandings before they turn into conflicts
• Be able to express needs and requests
• Be appreciated and recognized for their efforts
• Deal together with the challenges of staying on time and on budget

The program that we create for your team is based on the VIRTUAL™ framework. Taking into consideration your Team’s journey, status and current project(s) and according to your requests, we design the program for you. The length of the program will be linked to a specific Team Project (ongoing or new) and we will adapt with flexibility to the pace of your team’s progress.

Each program can effectively support one individual team or in parallel a number of teams facing similar challenges. (For programs of virtual leaders without their teams, refer to the program section called Virtual Leadership Competencies)

Results and Benefits
• Shared meanings, values and vision
• Clarity for roles and goals
• Greater understanding of different cultures, working styles, and personalities
• Boosted sense of trust and connection to better create and innovate
• Increased emotional intelligence to shape sound remote working relationships
• Capability to inspire each other and build sustainable virtual team spirit
• Increased success of project delivery on time and on budget
• Greater professional and personal satisfaction

Lausanne, Switzerland

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Lausanne, Switzerland

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