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A Multitude of Kind Words from Our Clients

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Dorotea Brandin’s program was different and very relevant to the jobs of the individual team members - it provided growth both professionally and personally.

1. We felt that we became aware of how we present ourselves and our ideas. Our way of thinking became clearer on how to better communicate with our respective audiences with stronger and more compelling messages.

2. The format of having the program spreading over a month and alternating workshops with individual coaching sessions was very good as we got to internalize, practice and build on what we have learnt and discovered.

3. The 1-1 sessions were very practical - enabling us to define specifically our own needs and find solutions on how to address those needs.

We highly recommend the CCC programs for managers and leaders of all levels as its content is highly relevant, unique and engaging for all as it is extremely flexible and tailored.”
Martina Gripp, Head of Marketing Consumer Healthcare, South East Asia & South Korea Boehringer Ingelheim

What our clients
say about us

Bob Feldman did both training roles and coaching assignments for us at Jones Lang LaSalle in Asia Pacific. Bob is an out of the box thinker who adapted very well to cultural challenges and some of our more challenging assignments. I can recommend him enthusiastically.
Peter Barge, Former CEO Jones Lang LaSalle Asia-Pacific, Singapore
Working with Francesca Giulia Mereu was nothing short of wonderful and transformative. Coaching for me was about becoming the best, most centered version of myself that I could while living a life of passion, purpose, and impact. I always felt really heard and took something concrete away from every session, with Francesca acting as a catalyst for my own internal personal development.
S.K., Program Director with UN Agency
Virginia Williams has good experience to facilitate this program and she gave us clear solutions how we can proactively improve our success in business situations. The course participants all came from different backgrounds and I really enjoyed working with them! What I gained most from this program is increased 'self-confidence' which is sometimes a trap that women fall into. This course was very beneficial for me personally and for my work.
Tamami Shirai, Sr Specialist Training, GE Consumer Finance, Japan
Lily Koh is an engaging and effective trainer who really understands the importance of branding and personal image. She has the ability to effectively connect with a diverse group of people in a short space of time, giving participants the feeling that they each received personal attention. Her sessions make for great team bonding events, as not only do participants feel like they learn something about themselves and each other, they are also a lot of fun!
Sereena Edgerton, Wealth Management, UBS
Anu Shroff is an exceptional listener and highly perceptive and intuitive individual, which make her a superb coach.
Jamie Menon, Corporate Relations Manager SEA, DIAGEO
CP Tham is a very skilful facilitator and is able to ask the right questions at the right time to bring out the kind of discussion that I have not seen within my team in previous workshops that we organised internally. There is now a lot more buy-in to what we set out to do as everyone feels engaged and energised.
Lo Kien Fo, Managing Director, Continental AG Singapore
I am a now a more powerful leader, a better manager and a stronger individual, all as a result of coaching with Virginia Williams.
Heike Marquordt, Director, Marketing Comms, HP EMEA
Dorotea Brandin, has been working for Lufthansa Systems in Budapest between 2008 and 2011. Dorotea has been creating very special programs that were based on the needs of our business strategy: A talent program for our high potentials and a leadership program for our management team. Her contributions have increased the communication skills of our teams significantly. From my personal perspective the very special contribution of Dorotea has three major sources:
1. Dorotea‘s extraordinary gift to intelligently explore a business situation and to quickly understand the language and interaction with customers and partners.
2. Dorotea’s skills as an actress – knowing the physical and psychological system of the human body and mind intuitively very well
3. Dorotea’s ability to teach in a very light and innovative way how to create a true dialogue in complex, sometimes very competitive environments.
Monika Houck, former CEO Lufthansa Systems Kft Budapest
Lily Koh worked with me as my Executive Coach over a 6-month period. From the start of the first meeting, she managed to build rapport with me very quickly. I attribute this to her excellent listening skills, and her non-judgemental and reassuring approach. She was very skilful in asking me insightful questions that would challenge my perspective on issues and situations. That really helped to reframe my opinions and sometimes that also allows me to identify solutions to difficult situations that I had been trying to resolve.
Through her detailed explanation of various psychometric tests that I took, I was able to uncover new areas of strengths and weaknesses that I need to work on. One thing I really appreciate about Lily is her ability to breakdown the results and work with me to develop steps and actions that I can take.
Tuck Weng, Experienced Senior Executive
In my experience collaborating with global corporate, non-profit and governmental senior leaders to realize strategic, effective transformational change, I feel very comfortable in recommending Nathalie Ducrot for any similar event organization. Her multicultural and diverse experience in the United Nations and International Organizations, her ability to listen and understand the needs of the client, her background and her language abilities (English, French) are remarkable.
Amel Karboul Secretary-General (Former Minister of Tourism), MEF (Maghreb Economic Forum)
Bob Feldman is the best trainer that I have come across in my 15 years of service. His presentations were extremely useful in my daily life and have changed my concept of thinking. Thank you, Bob!
Rosmaini Muhammad, DHQ Team Sgt, Singapore Police
The positive difference Dorotea’s communication programs have made for us was significant – she supported us to overcome the borders of engineers - being used to think in technical terms. We learned how to be clear, precise and how to touch the heart of our customers. We simply loved working with Dorotea and our customers started to get closer to us. Full of admiration and gratitude, I recommend Dorotea Brandin for similar programs.
Monika Houck, former CEO Lufthansa Systems Kft Budapest
Dorotea Brandin enables the talents and experience of those high achievers to emerge to the fullest extent. With energy and insight, she brings an added dimension to our own experience-based leadership coaching. We recommend her book and her coaching to all those in business that need excellent communication skills.
Iain Martin, Managing Director, I. J. Martin & Co Ltd,
Executive Coaches for Global Business Leaders since 1998
Raj Narwani facilitated an unusual team building event, one of a kind! We had so much fun and laughter throughout the whole session. You will discover the creative side of your mates that you will never realize at work place. It is a must try for everyone!
Estelle Tay, Broadcom Singapore Pte Ltd
Anu Shroff is highly professional in the facilitation of the strategic planning session for SPRING Singapore’s Quality & Excellence Group which involves some 30 senior to middle management representatives. Being highly perceptive, Anu engages the group by deploying various facilitation methods and activities to maximise the quality of discussions.
Veron Huang, Head of Policy & Promotion, Quality & Excellence Group, SPRING Singapore
Dorotea Brandin provided communication skills training which proved a huge success in particular due to one to one coaching sessions which accompanied the session. I personally received coaching and learnt a lot from this and still today consider the elements when communicating or presenting in public. I highly recommend Dorotea!
Fiona Walker, Head of HR Operations, International Trade Centre, Geneva Switzerland
Thank you, Giulia, (Francesca Giulia Mereu) for helping me to find simple, specific ways to increase my own energy and the energy I give to my team. Your insights are invaluable—the perfect combination of understanding and action!
Alan, Dean of a Top-Ranked Business School
Sessions with Anu Shroff were surprisingly refreshing and the thoughts shared were helpful in both my work and personal life.
Deon Pun, Assistant Director, Singapore Sports Institute
Sessions with Anu Shroff were surprisingly refreshing and the thoughts shared were helpful in both my work and personal life.
Deon Pun, Assistant Director, Singapore Sports Institute
I have hired Dorotea Brandin several times for internal training at IMD. She is very attentive to the needs of the training as well as the customer requirements. For tailored training content, she is very adaptable, willing and working hard. She has a very enjoyable personality and I highly recommend her.
Charlotte Veldekens Gale, former Program Training Manager at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland
I came to this workshop expecting to hear something that I have learned before, and I did not expect to be able to gain new perspectives to how I have been coaching my staff all this time. Thanks to CP Tham for a very fulfilling learning experience.
Gary Lim, Program Manager, TUM Asia
For Nathalie Ducrot. Le travail en profondeur que vous avez proposé à tous les membres de mon comité de direction porte ses fruits. Nous communiquons avec fluidité et agissons en concertation ce qui nous a rapidement permis de constater de meilleurs résultats.
Robert S. CEO
The MBTI session organised by CP Tham for my team was extremely useful in helping us understand about ourselves, and each other, our strengths and weaknesses. I have previously used the MBTI tool before, and I must say CP has provided me with a lot more that I have not known from my previous experience, and he made it so easily for me to remember my own profile and how I can use this to understand my team. A very good trainer.
Ken Wong, Regional IT Director, HaviLogistics
I sincerely enjoyed the course conducted by Lily Koh. I found her teaching style to be both instructive and collaborative, and the depth of her knowledge from her experience with various levels of stakeholders was impressive. Her advice was easily digestible and practical; and although some of the concepts were familiar to me, I still managed to learn many new things during the course.
Wee Teck Phua,IE SG
Raj Narwani is fun to work with conscientious and very efficient, and most importantly he is able to cope with any situation.
David Flack, Byte In a Cup
Anu Shroff is observant and asks the right questions to open up a group. She also throws high challenges where appropriate.
Leadership facilitation participant, Director, Singapore Public Service
Bob Feldman is a very creative and engaging trainer.
Vivien Tng, Senior Officer, Singapore Customs, Ministry of Finance

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